Why would someone do still-photography with adult toys?


Why would someone do still-photography with adult toys?

Still, life photography is a beautiful way to express one’s feelings through the visual medium of photography. It is a form which is much preferred by photographers because it allows them a lot of control. You can change the light source, light direction, color composition, background and more as much as you want. This is in direct contrast to dynamic photography which takes effort, patience and often times one shot to get it right. Still, photography is done with a lot of materials ranging from an apple hanging on a tree to a silent notebook. So it can be done with any still object like adult toys as well. But before we go into why would anyone choose adult toys as still photography subjects, let’s check out some of the adult’s toys one can photograph:

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A Hands-Free Personal Massager

This might feel like a weird thing to start the list with, but experienced photographers tend to get attracted to more obscure subjects. They also get attracted to objects which others might think as useless and taboo. A hands-free massager seems like it falls into both those categories. This sex toy is used during heterosexual intercourse and both parties can enjoy using it.


Strap on as a still life subject can be interesting to many since it reverses the usual male and a female societal dynamic but giving women the upper hand. It is also used by men for stimulating anal penetration with their male partners. As such this kind of role reversal or giving men a different kind of agency than what society gives them is attractive to many still life photographers.

Butt Plug

Butt plugs come in lots of shapes and sizes and they have a broad base. They are also made with a lot of different materials ranging from soft silicone to smooth glass. There are also jeweled butt plugs available which can grab any still life photographers attention.

Mini Bullet Vibrator

When the toy is a vibrator then size isn’t everything. Often times when people travel for long durations and distances then they want something which fits in their purse and won’t be an issue to carry. This is why there are mini bullet sized vibrators. When it comes to still photography, this can be showcased along with a variety of sizes to show that there are different sizes for different needs.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls are used to strengthen your pelvic floor. These balls are around 1.37 inches and they are weighted as well. When it comes to still life photography, it can be used to portray the weight that it has and the pleasure that it gives by using an interplay of shadows and light.

Cock Ring

Cock rings help male partners erections last longer and most rings are waterproof so it can be used in the showers as well. Another feature of this toy is that it is motorized and comes with different modes as well. So it delivers great clitoris stimulation as well for your female partner. Many still life photographers will definitely try to capture this ability to give pleasure to both partners at the same time.

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Whips are used for spanking but not every whip looks like it is being used by a hardcore dom. Instead, there are various kinds of whips, including ones which don’t hurt. In still life, a whip can be used to bring out its hardness and softness, along with the potential pleasure and pain it can give to a person.

How to carry out still life photography?

Here are some steps which will help you with your still life photography:

  • Begin slow: You actually don’t need to spend money on a fancy studio, to begin with, still life photography. You can indeed simply begin at home with something as simple as a table by the window.
  • Choose Subjects which interest you: What you photograph depends on you and so it can be anything from a beach rock to adult toys. You don’t have to take photos of fruits or flowers just because everyone else is doing that. Think outside the box and show the audience something different.
  • Light and Lighting: You don’t have to spend too much on lighting. Know that you have all the control over the shoot so you can play with light however you want. You can get complete darkness or halfway streaming light if you want. Make use of lamp lights if you want to get some artificial source of lighting.
  • Work on the backdrop: Having a complimentary backdrop for your object will be crucial for the success of the shoot. For beginners, it’s advised to keep it simple but to keep on experimenting. You can start with a painted wall or with a white sheet of paper as well.
  • Compose the Shot: The ability to compose your shot is crucial in still life. That is what will ensure if your work is unique and engaging. For this, you can keep the role of thirds in mind along with other factors like the kind of pattern you want to use. You should also pay attention to the shape, size, color, and space of the subject/subjects. The more detailed you will be and the more time you will invest in giving your shoot meaning, the better it will be.

Why do people do still photography with adult toys?

The answer is why not? It’s just another object like a stone or a wall. Taboo subjects like sex toys can actually be used for social commentary or to put forth views on the matter and advocate for their proper use. If a photographer finds them interesting then he or she should use them.

Know that a photograph is an image, but it should have the depth of a literary textbook, with all the subtextual layers. As such, you can use any subject you want and put the meaning you want to attribute to it. This way others will be able to see and feel what you want to show the world.


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