The Newest Hit in Photography


The Newest Hit in Photography

Are you looking to strengthen the pelvic floor? Are you perhaps worried that your vaginal muscles aren’t what they used to be? Or would you like to achieve better orgasms and improve your overall sexual prowess? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you’ve probably stumbled upon Kegel exercise items before. Perhaps you’re just like us and have long ago looked into the wonders of Ben Wa balls and Yoni eggs. 

Once we looked into it, it turned out we couldn’t stop looking! Both the Jade egg and the Kegel balls are vital if we want to maintain the virility of our sacred places (or Yoni). Although practical and a real revelation to many of us, these little nuggets of happiness are also gorgeous. Thus, it’s no wonder that they found their way to many artistic photographs.

Due to their design, appealing, sensual look, as well as the implication of their lascivious use, both the natural Yoni eggs and their artificial cousins Ben Wa balls make the perfect photography objects. We’re sure you’ve seen many entrancing photographs of these devices. But have you ever wondered what makes them such engaging photography objects?

The Glorious, Tempting Designs

When we’re talking about photography, we’re not talking about simple How to use Ben Wa balls explanatory photos or product description images. No, we’re talking about divine, imaginative, and creative photographs that depict these eggs as objects of sensuality and desire. 

Yes, you’ve seen those. So what makes these items catch all our eyes?

First of all, they have a habitually appealing round shape; it’s enticing and engaging for the viewer. They look as if they had sprung from Mother Earth herself to serve a higher purpose and bring balance back to our sacred places.

If that sounds a bit like romantic foolishness to you, we understand. However, even if you don’t share our love for the natural lines of these items, you can surely appreciate their pleasing aesthetics.

What Makes Ben Wa Balls and Yoni Eggs the Ideal Objects for Photographs?

Round shapes simply pop on photographs. Furthermore, they have a smooth surface that looks pleasing and inviting. You almost want to touch it when you see one in a photo.

Yoni eggs are made from natural materials. The most popular ones are nephrite jade eggs. And we don’t have to tell you how creamy and glossy jade looks on photographs. What’s more, jade has natural healing and calming properties. One might not think that these properties work only by looking at the jade, but there’s a particular sense of calamity that one gets while gazing into its green depths.

Of course, Yoni eggs can also be rose quartz and have the pales of rose colors. Some women prefer black obsidian eggs and their deep color that’s reminiscent of the Universe. The fourth and final option out of the four most common crystals is the everchanging rainbow jadeite. All of these materials are natural healing crystals that have but one goal — to bring about spiritual balance.

Now, you might be wondering, “What does that have to do with photography?” Well, all of these crystals look fantastic in photographs. Yoni eggs are polished, and, thus, shiny, so they reflect light in just the right way. Furthermore, the deep black of obsidian, the romantic and delicate tint of rose quartz, and the rich prism effect of rainbow jadeite are not only gorgeous to look at but also have appeasing effects.

Ben Wa balls, although not made from natural healing crystals, also have a specific appeal. They are designed to look enchanting and to fulfill their purpose without any risk of infection. Aside from being an example of true harmony between pragmatism and style, Ben Wa balls also look divine in photographs. 

The Perfect Balance Between Beauty and Allure

Of course, they are evocative. Their primary purpose is to bring back or enhance your sexual prowess and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles as well as your overall health. However, just because they have such a purpose doesn’t make them crude.

A Yoni egg or its less natural cousin Ben Wa ball makes for a much more demure photography object than some other devices people use for Kegel exercises. Yeah, we’d like to see anyone make a dildo look as elegant and graceful. Overall, these items have a particularly potent, virile presence in photographs that other items simply don’t. That explains why we love to photograph them so much.

Duotone Ben Wa Balls 

Duotone balls stay true to their name by achieving a balance between two different aspects of their purpose. They not only strengthen the pelvic floor but also increase sexual pleasure.

These balls are specific in design. There’s usually either two or four of them, tied together on a nylon string, or connected with a silicone encasing. The even number of balls and the symmetry they provide make this particular type of Kegel balls ideal for photos. 

All Duotone balls also have small weights inside of each ball. That adds to more than just the enjoyment of using them. It also provides more depth when it comes to photography and makes them more dynamic.

Given that these are a type of Ben Wa balls, they are made from artificial materials. Thus, they come in many different colors. They aren’t limited to natural crystal colors, which means that our object of affection (and photography) can come in any shade we deem fit. That’s another reason that makes them so alluring and eye-pleasing.

It’s also vital to note that many Ben Wa balls are made out of glass. Each little ball can have an intricate design encased inside of the glass, which only adds to their photographic appeal. 

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Kegel Ben Wa Balls 

Also known as the Geisha balls, these particular balls are responsible for starting the Kegel exercise craze. They are a step up from Yoni eggs, and they provide the same benefits but offer easy removal and safer materials. 

Because they are smooth and often glossy, standard balls look mesmerizing on photographs. Even the colorful silicone ones seem appealing, although not shiny. Of course, glass, metal, and polished plastic balls catch the eye in a more significant way. 

Still, there’s plenty to be said about the contrast between the brightly colored silicone of the actual ball and the dimmer, more subdued hue of the string that usually embellishes standard Kegel Ben Wa balls.

String Ben Wa Balls 

String balls are another example of traditional Ben Wa balls, and they have the fantastic juxtaposition between the actual balls and the string that holds them together. The particular design that stands out the most on photos is the metal string ball design. It reflects the flash and echoes the surrounding colors, which makes for a gorgeous photo.

The polished metal look has a close contender, and those are the glass string balls. Much like with any other ones, this glass design allows for complex arrangements and embellishments inside of each ball.

Vibrating Ben Wa Balls 

Vibrating balls might be the odd man out, at least when it comes to aesthetics. They are the ones that stand out the most because, due to their design, they look slightly different than other balls and eggs. 

With a distinct look of a small bullet vibrator or a butt plug, vibrating balls look more like a sex toy than any other types. They usually have only one or two balls, rarely four like their other brethren. 

Still, their design is commonly clean and crisp. These balls will typically be one solid color, both the balls and the connecting encasing. Vibrating Ben Wa balls are usually bright, and they often look as if they’ll give you a fun ride around the block. That’s equally as true if you look at them in person or in a photograph. 

Yoni Eggs 

As we’ve already discussed, Yoni eggs have a leg up on the Ben Wa balls, given that they are made from natural materials. That means they are polished to a perfect shine and come in organic, appealing colors.

The number-one spot for the most beautiful Yoni egg undoubtedly goes to the delicate jade eggs. However, the rose quartz egg-shaped Yoni eggs with a small, unobtrusive hole for the beginner string also have their appeal. 

There are quite a few Yoni egg designs out there. Each of them looks exquisite when photographed. The dragon blood design, for example, provides a kaleidoscope effect of colors that look magical on photos. Yoni eggs made from other healing crystals and precious gems such as turquoise, amethyst, and Tiger eye will also create a stunning image in front of the camera lens.

A Few Parting Words

Women are visual creatures, even though we might not be fully aware of that. We want to surround ourselves with gorgeous, beautiful things and enjoy feasting our eyes on them. When we consider that to be an undeniable truth, then it’s no wonder that Yoni eggs, made from hard, great-looking natural minerals, and the softer, more modern Ben Wa balls look particularly appealing. They photograph gorgeously, and the photos always look both inviting and taunting. 

Some women consider the so-called Venus balls and everything they represent to be a vital part of womanhood. They are helpful, beneficial, healing, reaffirming, and, most importantly, gorgeous. Therefore, it’s no wonder that we love observing them on photographs through the lens and with our naked eye.


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