Why We Love Taking Pictures of Ben Wa Balls and Anal Plugs?


Why We Love Taking Pictures of Ben Wa Balls and Anal Plugs?

Ben Wa Balls and Anal Plug pictures are something which you will find all over the internet if you go looking for them. And there is something very curious about how those pictures are taken. But before we explore that, it’s time to know what those above things are:

What are Ben Wa Balls used for?

Ben Wa Balls, also known as smart balls, Geisha balls, love balls or even Kegel balls. They are weighted balls which are supposed to be worn inside the vagina. Ben Wa Balls are made up of two spheres. The balls are a little larger than a big marble. Also, both of these balls are connected right on the same chord.

What are Ben Wa Balls?

This is actually an ancient method which is meant to train the pelvic muscle. They are also called Kegel balls simply because using them feels like you are doing Kegel exercises. But you definitely don’t have to do Kegels while you are wearing them. That’s cause the balls are weighted and so your pelvic muscles naturally work to hold them in place.

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Is using the Ben Wa Balls safe?

Remember the following things to ensure that you are using the Ben Wa Balls safely:

  • Always clean the Ben Wa Balls if you want to avoid infection and discomfort. Make sure you clean them before and after use. It is really no different than any other kind of sex toy which is used by you.
  • Know that Ben Wa Balls might look like anal beads but they shouldn’t be interchangeably used. This is because Ben Wa Balls don’t have a flared base. As such, unlike the vagina, things can indeed get lost inside your butt.
  • Use a nontoxic and high-quality set of Ben Wa Balls to prevent any kind of unknown issues.

What kinds of Ben Wa Balls are there?

Some of the kinds of Ben Wa Balls which are found are:

  • For people who are just beginning to use Ben Wa Balls, there is a silicone starter pack offered by many companies. There you will be able to get all that you need to tone up your pelvic floor. You should begin with the smallest and lightest before working your way up to the 3.7-ounce final piece.
  • There are Ben Wa Balls which come with a tracker. It’s basically a Fitbit which is for your pelvic floor muscles. It measures to control, pressure, endurance as well as grip too.
  • There are also black glass pairs which look badass. They are found in medium or even small weights of two or one ounces. These are one inch balls and they are ideal if you want a stylish starter set. Also, know that glass conducts temperature so if you to feel extra sensations then you can put them in the freezer or wrap those up in a warmed up towel before putting them in.

What are anal plugs?

Anal plugs are exactly what you would imagine them to be. These are a plug which goes right up your butt. Its main job is to make you feel good. If you are a little skeptical then know that the anus has a lot of nerve endings which can work as an incredible source of pleasure. If you are gearing up for anal sex then know that these are a great way to loosen up your anus so that you can put something inside it. Anal or butt plugs are something which can be enjoyed by all regardless of gender or genitalia simply because all you need to use these is a prostate. Butt plugs or anal plugs have narrow-ish tips which get go on to become wider in its middle and then narrow back a little again right the base. Butt plugs come with a pull cord or a flared bottom so that it doesn’t get lost inside of you.

Precaution while using the butt plug

There is something which you should know before you use anal plugs:

  • Remember that your rectum won’t self lubricate itself so you will have to warm up your a-hole with a lot of lube.
  • Also, remember to clean the butt plug before and after use. Use warm water and soap to clean them. If your butt plug is motorized then clean it carefully but if it’s not then you can immerse it in water to clean.
  • When it comes to storing it then keep it with its original packaging rather than anywhere else, like right in your bedside drawer.

Things to know before getting a butt plug

  • You should definitely and always choose a plug which has a flared based. But along with this, also make sure to check that it’s also body safe. This is because sex toys don’t have any regulation agency so it’s entirely up to you to make sure that the materials used are safe. Here’s a tip: anything made up of silicone, stainless steel or borosilicate glass (Pyrex) is good to use.
  • If you are a beginner then you should definitely start off small and pick one which looks really small to you. Don’t get one which is bigger than your eyeball. You might think getting a medium sized one will work well, but you might not be able to put it in for another decade.

Why are pictures of Ben Wa Balls and Anal Plugs put together?

Ben Wa Balls and Anal Plugs are sex toys, which are used in the vagina and in the rectum respectively. So putting them together is one way to indicate that if you are going solo, then you should use them together. Also buying them together works well as they are basically a set for the front and back of your body.

Anal plugs and Ben Wa Balls are something which can give you great pleasure and prepare you for vaginal and Anal sex later on. But that’s not their only use. They can give you pleasure by themselves as well.



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