What are the most common objects for still photography?


What are the most common objects for still photography?

You must have heard about that popular saying that photographs are silent poetry, and poetry is speaking photographs. Well, if you are a photographer or an admirer of various types of photography, then you would relate to this point. If a photographer wants, with all his skills, he could create wonders. However, choosing the perfect object to capture should be his first priority and he should be pro into it, especially in still photography. If you are a newborn photographer and do not have any idea as to how to get the best photos, then here is a list of the objects that you could consider.

Old monuments and walls

Even if you are not a photographer, this will be in your knowledge that the old monuments and walls have always been the favorite objects for still photography. It is said that there could not be a city without a past and if any part of the city existed, then there must be some monuments or some old building of this type. What we want to say is that it is very easy to find such locations and to do the still photography.  Also, it totally depends on the intelligence of the photographer as to how beautifully he or she takes up the picture. You will see that the same wall has been captured differently by different photographers.


There is a very popular saying in English, Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, which is actually true in all its senses. The same is implied with photography and photographs also. Even a dull setting may look fantabulous to a photographer and even a good photograph could not be found good by a person who does not have the knowledge of art. Tunnels are settings that could be appreciated completely, but one really needs to be smart to work with it. If the photography game goes on point, it will land up in some really good picture; if not, then you could get nothing out of it. The photographer could really work well and could take a picture where it may look like a picture within a picture. There are a lot of experiments that could be done with tunnels, but it totally depends on the photographer.


Just like the tunnels, Ladders to are always welcome to experimentation. There are a lot of things that could be done in it. Again, this depends on the intelligence of the photographers. In the language of photography and paintings, there are a lot of symbols also and you could not understand it until you are into this business. Most of the photographers find different angels and sometimes turn the lenses upside down in order to create an adverse effect on the picture.


Simple things could turn out to be a big hit if taken in a good way. All the lampposts are the same and if an ordinary person looks at them, he could not see anything great in it. Not even, every photographer could see the same uniqueness in it. If you are a photographer and want to take some classic pictures, it should be on your list. Lampposts could prove one of the best still photography objects ever. A lot of angels could be found in a single setting and thus a lot of experimentations could be done with a single snap. Again, a photographer could use all his skills in order to create the best picture.

Doors and windows of old houses

Well, in one of the previous points also, we discussed the old monuments and walls. One needs to understand as to why these things are considered to be the best objects for still photography. If you look at the construction of these things, you will observe that it was made up of some class and standard. Along with that, the old buildings, windows, doors, and other such things depict about the era in which it was made. The kind of construction used for them simply tell you that what age it would have been. These two things could be taken into consideration if you are a budding photographer and want to capture some classic shots in your camera.

Phone booths

If you look at the list of objects that could be used for still photography, then the options of phone booths will pop up on the top. Now, this is not just a thing that could be used as a prop for still photography, but it also could be used as an amazing backdrop. One must have seen a lot of models posing in front of these phone booths. Again, this is an era of mobile phones and the internet. You do not get to see phone booths.

The photographs that we take of the phone booths depicts that they existed sometimes away. Now, if you look at any phone booth, you will see that there is a lot of components that could be taken in the picture. So, here also, it totally depends on the intelligence of the photographer, as to which thing he is going to keep and which he is going to avoid. To get an idea about this photo, you could Google images related to it and you will find plenty of them.

It is said that if a photographer wants, he could capture diamond out of garbage and looking at the objects that are mentioned in this list, this thing must be clear to you. All the objects that we have mentioned here are nothing, but a scratch. Still, these are the best go-to objects for still photography. If someone is starting his or her photography career, then he should try them out. If you have already started it, try to capture these objects with new angels and styles. It is not that, this list is complete with these objects, but if you ask about basics, then they are the best.

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