Why Princess Butt Plugs Appeal to Women


Why Princess Butt Plugs Appeal to Women

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess. During our childhood, that fantasy starts with a ball gown and ends with “happily ever after.” It also usually involves an other-worldly assistant, such as a fairy, a helpful sidekick, or both. 

We were all princesses once. All we needed to do was close our eyes, and we would be in our imaginary castles.

Then we grew up. We realized that there was no such thing as a knight in shining armor. Ball gowns are expensive, and magic does not exist (at least not in the form presented in fairy tales) — our illusion of a perfect life in a castle shattered as we entered adulthood.

However, a modern woman does not have to marry into royalty to become a princess — she just needs to adjust her dreams to her reality. Cinderella had a glass slipper, Ariel had a wonderful singing voice, and you can have a princess butt plug.

Adulthood includes sex, and that is magic. Instead of hiding in your childhood fantasy, embrace your newly found passion, and add another item to your collection of jewelry.

Women Love Fancy and Colorful Jewelry

What an undeniable truth! One of the reasons we all wanted to be princesses is jewelry. Women have always loved beautiful accessories. Fashion trends come and go, but each of them leaves a trail in our jewelry boxes. Every bracelet or a necklace we buy or get as a gift brings us joy. 

Men find it baffling how women can have so much jewelry and still get excited over a new piece. The truth is, you can never go wrong if you present a woman with ornaments. Different styles call for different accessories, and the more options a woman has, the more she feels like a princess.

Thanks to the expansion of the sex industry, you can now have a jewel that is not only beautiful but also rather useful. Instead of using regular anal toys, you can choose from a broad selection of princess butt plugs in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Dare to live out a fantasy you had as a teen. Anal play involving a jeweled butt plug may not be what you once dreamed of, but it will make you feel like a princess in the real world.

Princess Butt Plugs

Princess anal plugs do not differ from the regular ones in terms of design and material. They are usually made of silicone, metal, stainless steel, and glass, and they have a flared base to prevent the toy from getting stuck in the rectum.

However, there is one detail that makes them stand out among all the other anal toys— they have a jewel on them. It is usually a precious or semi-precious stone that is attached to the base of the toy. Once it is in, a princess butt plug will bedazzle your behind and dazzle your partner.

Depending on the taste of your inner princess, you can choose a round jewel or a heart-shaped one. Moreover, the selection of colors is as wide as a woman could want. If you are a Belle, opt for a yellow one. In case you feel like a Jasmine or a Cinderella, pick one in a shade of blue. Every princess has a piece of jewelry in their signature color. 

For those of you who are into BDSM, there are princess plugs with whimsical inscriptions, such as “little princess” or “good girl.”

Finally, you can have your plug custom made. You are a princess, and you can be as demanding as you want. These high-quality products are guaranteed at loveplugs.co, and you can even score great discounts.

Princess Butt Plugs for Role-Playing Sex Games

For a princess, sex implies pleasure and beauty alike. Princess butt plugs combine the two, which is why they are the perfect jewelry. They were designed with role-playing sex games in mind. With such an accessory, you can be any princess you want to be — a composed beauty, a spoiled brat, or a rebel without a cause. Your creativity is the key.

You used to read fairy tales, but now you get to live in one. Talk to your partner and design your own reality with them. Exude your princess persona and let your imagination take the lead. Browse through different designs and choose the jeweled plug you will feel comfortable wearing. It may prove to be the item your inner princess needed to shine.

In case you are a man, and you have read this far, know that you do not have to be a prince to have a princess for a wife. A butt plug with your spouse’s favorite jewel may turn her into royalty. If so, rest assured that you will feel like a sovereign as well.

Closing Thoughts

Have you ever thought that an entrance to your imaginary kingdom may be among butt plugs? For teens, being a princess is a dream they slowly learn to overcome. But for adults, it can be a very pleasurable reality.

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