Why are princess butt plugs so popular among young consumers?


Why are princess butt plugs so popular among young consumers?

Young consumers have a “thing” for glitz and glamour. They have a nose for fancy stuff and love to stand out with bold style statements. After all, that’s what youth is all about- bold, carefree, wild and stylish. The young niche desires for something that can let them express themselves in their signature panache. And this is where princess butt plugs fit the bill like a dream. It’s just the thing that young consumers look for. No wonder, young millennials are most proactive patrons of princess butt plugs.

What are princess butt plugs?

Princess plugs, as the name says, are bejeweled butt plugs. They are same as regular butt plugs but with one basic difference- princess butt plugs are beautifully decked up with jewel or stone at their base. So, if you are bored of plain old regular butt plugs and want something really interesting, you may try out princess butt plugs. Gorgeous to the T, these decked up toys will take your plug play sessions to a whole new level altogether.

Princess plugs are mostly available in stainless steel and glass. However, you will also find these bejeweled plugs in silicone which are excellent for beginners. It’s always a spectacular sight to see a sparkling stone in between sexy butt cheeks. Your partner is sure to go crazy at the very sight of the dazzling plug that only speaks of a sizzling night in the privacy of your bedroom. You can use princess plugs for your regular plug sessions. Otherwise, you can even save it for special occasions like your anniversary or his birthday. He will be delighted to find you waiting for him with the princess plug after he returns from a busy day at work.

Best princess butt plugs for you

Princess plugs are stylish and sexy. If you are looking to add a classy quotient to your love making sessions, this is one of the best toys for you. Given the increasing demand for princess butt plugs, the modern plug scene is flooded with scores of these bejeweled toys. If you are a newbie to the butt plug scene, you are sure to be spoilt for choices with too many options around.  But, don’t worry, here is a brief on some of the top princess butt plugs you may try out with your partner.

Rianne S Butt Princess plug set Silicone

You wanted one princess plug and you have an entire set here. The set carries 3 plugs in small, medium and large sizes and the entire box is cool for beginners and advanced users alike. The small one comes with 2.375 inch insertable length while its overall width is 1.25 inches. The medium one features 2.8” insertable length as 1.38 width. In regards to the large plug, the insertable length is 3.4” and the overall width is 1.5 inches.

Made of silicone, the toy promises excellent comfort while you take it through backdoor. It will glide easily through sphincter muscle to reward you with a strong and painless stimulation. As the toy set comes in three varying sizes, you can easily shift to medium and larger sizes in near future, based on your experience level. This way, you won’t have to shell out for a new princess butt plug when you will need to graduate from small plug to bigger sizes.

Crystal Delights Princess Gem Plugs

If you are looking for a gorgeous glass princess butt plug, look no further. This beauty from Crystal Delights is truly one-of-a-kind. The toy is made of tempered glass which assures complete resistance against thumps, drops and sudden fall.

It’s to note here that the Crystal Delights princess plug line comes with princess plugs in as many as 6 size combinations. There is a diverse range of insertable length to choose from, starting from 2.8” to all the way to 3.7”.

Thanks to solid glass make, the Crystal Delight butt plugs promise a powerful fuller feel right inside the backdoor. As glass is non-porous, it doesn’t harbor bacteria, is easy to clean and absolutely body-safe.

You will also find the plug in versatile range of color combinations, including pink, yellow, red, purple and so on.

HAKA princess butt plug Stainless Steel

Made from 100 percent stainless steel, this plug is excellent for temperature play. Not only that, this stainless steel toy is also body-safe and hence you can let go of apprehensions of inserting a foreign toy inside your anus. Akin to the other plus mentioned above, this plug too comes with a range of sizes, starting from 2.75 inches to 3.75 inches. The toy boasts authentic Swarovksi crystal which adds a unique edge to the overall toy.


Tips to use princess butt plugs

Try to get your princess butt plug from a reputed adult toy store that can assure you   high quality product. These high-quality products are guaranteed at loveplugs.co, and you can even score great discounts. Don’t eye on the lowest deal. Princess butt plugs would be slightly costlier compared to regular butt plugs for obvious reasons. You might get princess plugs at dirt cheap rates but those won’t last you long. You certainly don’t want the mess of the crystal coming out of the plug base because of flimsy manufacturing. You should look for products that aren’t incredibly cheap but rather reasonably affordable.

Don’t forget to use generous share of lube with your princess plug. If you haven’t used a butt plug ever, then it will take a few turns to get it inside your backdoor. Use lube every time you attempt to insert it inside the anus. The lube must be applied both on the toy and your anal passage. It will ensure a painless and comfortable entry for the toy. Then, you would also use lube while removing the princess plug from your anus.

Finally, make sure to clean the plug regularly. Your plug should get a thorough wash before and after every session. You can use a regular soapy water mix here to clean your princess plug. To be on the safe side, the best way to clean the toy is with an adult toy cleaner.

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