How to Take the Best Photos for Your Dating Profile


How to Take the Best Photos for Your Dating Profile

It’s no secret that these days most young people use dating apps to find a partner. Whether it’s for a one-night stand or a lasting relationship, the same rule applies. The better you personalize your dating profile, the more chances of scoring a date. However, for some folks, making your digital profile look cool and trendy isn’t easy.

Therefore, our article aims to help all of you who struggle with authenticity and lack of skill to make yourselves look interesting. We aim to make your profile picture look as good as it can. Moreover, to make your profile stand out on apps like Tinder, we’ll give you some tips and tricks that’ll make your photography skills professional in no time.


Nothing says “I’m interested in you” better than a pure, natural smile. Our brains are programmed to attach to specific facial expressions, and the one we all secretly look for is a smile. Unfortunately, not everyone can pull it off as good as a professional model when they’re taking a photo for online dating. But don’t despair because we’ll help you master showing your pearly whites with ease.

Smiling is all about relaxing your face. It’s about composure and feeling confident. Otherwise, it just looks plastic and unnatural. You shouldn’t aim to have an ear-to-ear smile if your face isn’t compatible with it. And what do we mean by that? Well, sometimes, just a little smirk is enough to make you look beautiful.

However, there’s no need to overdo it. Winking and smiling can be off-putting in most cases, implying you’re trying too hard. That’s what you want to avoid. So, a smiling profile pic is all about being chill and composed.

Go Full-Body

Although it might seem shallow, finding love through online dating sites is mostly down to showing off your physique. Men are all about abs and muscles, while girls tend to show off their beach photos and cleavage. And sure, it’s not as easy for everyone, but that’s how the world works. Full-body pictures rule Tinder and Facebook dating.

So, if you think you have a sporting physique, you should capitalize on it. Showing off your body after a workout or a shower is the easiest option. However, a beach or poolside photo can also make your body stand out and attract potential matches. Of course, girls can always take a selfie while lying down on their belly, slightly showing off their buttocks in the background.

But if you’re not built like that, you can always make sure your full-body photo is in nice clothing. Not only will you distract shallow people from looking at your stature, but you’ll also present yourself as a stylish person. Great style is worthwhile.

Don’t Use Your Camera Flash

A common mistake people make while taking a profile picture is using a lame camera flash. Sure, it can be useful sometimes, but not for this kind of photography. The thing is, most mobile cameras have low-end flash devices, making photos look oversaturated and bland. Therefore, we suggest you make sure you take your picture during the day or in a well-lit room.

The daylight will make even the cheapest mobile camera look like something a professional photographer would use. The natural lighting and colors will also make sure you appear way more attractive. Nevertheless, being in a lit room will help your photo look high-quality too. The point is not to have your camera directly facing it, but being on the opposite side.

Avoid Group Shots

Another usual mistake you can make is to have a group photo as your main one. There’s nothing wrong with showing you’re a social person, but it can distract your potential partner if there’s someone arguably more attractive than standing next to you. The whole point is to highlight yourself, not other people.

But if you want to make it clear to others that you enjoy the company and have many friends, you can always choose a picture that makes you stand out from the crowd. However, don’t upload it as your profile image. Most free dating apps allow you to have a couple of photos, so make that group picture the last one.

Don’t Show Off Your Pets

A recent study shows that poses with dogs, cats, or other pets generate more than 50% fewer messages. Although it might sound strange, not everyone enjoys animals as much as you do. They either don’t like them, or they think people who have them tend to obsess and talk about them all the time.

So, save your pets for later. You can always surprise your potential partner afterward by saying you have a cat or a dog. Don’t show off your cards immediately. Save something for texting. Real-life situations differ from online dating, so having something more to say about yourself is always a plus.

Showcase What You Do for Fun

We’ve already said that most people don’t know how to take dating app photos. And sure, that’s why you’re here. But besides smiling and avoiding the before mentioned cliches, you must make yourself look like an interesting person. And what we mean by that is to showcase what you do for fun.

For example, if you like traveling, upload a photo while on vacation. The same goes for sports or music. Use your hobbies as an advantage over millions of other people standing in line alongside you. To score, you need to make yourself memorable. And what better way to do that than uploading a photo while dunking or playing with your band.

Moreover, hobby photos can allow for unique photos as well. Let’s say you’re into diving and have a GoPro cam. Why not use it for a cool underwater picture that will make you stand out from the rest? You should think outside the box and apply it to bolster your chances of finding a partner via a dating app.

Add More Photos

Once again, most dating apps allow you to upload more than one picture. You should use this option to make your profile seem more creative. You see, the first one can be the one where you smile and showcase your face in a close-up. Next, you can add a full-body photo from last summer’s vacation abroad. And so on, and so on.

In case you leave your profile with just one photo, you risk being flagged by other users or the app algorithm as a fake account. The thing is, most of these false profiles usually have one stock image of some gorgeous guy or girl, so you shouldn’t risk falling into that dangerous category. Make it as diverse as possible, and success is bound to follow.

Phone a Friend

Finally, you can always use advice from friends or family. Once you make your profile on a dating app of your choice, show it to someone you consider close. Moreover, show it to someone who’s the opposite gender if you’re straight. That way, they’ll tell you their opinion of what they think you should change.

Not only will you boost your profile, but you’ll also grasp how other people go about dating apps. They might have an idea up their sleeve or might share their experience. Either way, don’t be shy about it. After all, online dating is all about confidence.

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