What are the sex problems that vibrators solve?


What are the sex problems that vibrators solve?

It’s fairly common for most people to associate sex with pleasure. But interestingly enough, it’s not always the case. Some people have rather negative experiences with intercourse.

The reasons could stem from psychological problems. They could also range from unfortunate experiences to actual sexual health conditions that make intercourse practically impossible. Both men and women can have these problems.

But this time, we’re here to talk about the feminine side of the story. Unfortunately, we feel like there’s little to no talk about these problems in popular culture. In an oversexualized society we live in nowadays, they are not likely to get attention.

Luckily for women experiencing pain during intercourse, we’re here to explain what’s going on and offer some interesting solutions. After all, it’s not that often that one talks to their doctor about sex toys. With us being experts on sex and adult toys, you’ll get all the right answers.

There’s no need to despair — the future of your sex life is in good hands here!

Reasons Why Female Sex Could Be Painful

Pain during sexual intercourse can be present due to many issues. Some problems are of psychological nature and stem from unfortunate experiences in the past. Others are genetic and health-related. No matter what appears to be at the root — it’s the problem that needs addressing.

Firstly, let’s talk about psychological trauma. Dealing with physical and emotional scars is one of the most prominent problems females have in the bedroom. These are often caused by abuse. Aside from causing mental damage, a sexual assault can leave marks on the vaginal tissue.

Later, these problems manifest in the form of vaginal dryness and/or vaginismus. The latter condition causes genital muscles to lock up. Once they do, they make penetration impossible. This leads to pain.

Another medical condition that leads to pain while having intercourse is endometriosis. This is the growth of the uterus tissue on the outer side of it. Endometriosis and sex don’t work together at all. Since their ovaries and Fallopian tubes have tissue not meant to be there, women with endometriosis suffer pain during those times of the month.

Luckily, most problems are treatable, one way or another. There are methods that can help, such as hormone therapy or sex toys.

The first vibrator was invented to treat female genital problems. Hence, even if it sounds strange, sex toys have a purpose beyond pure kink and masturbation. 

Using Lube During Intercourse

One of the first things that come to mind when talking about uncomfortable sex is — lubrication. Whether you’re going for deep penetration or playful action, the use of lube is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, people tend to neglect this fact. Lube is a pretty simple solution, which can ease stiffness and help.

As is the case with all things that come in contact with your genitals — it’s important to know whether you’re allergic to them. There are different kinds of lubes in the market, but not everyone can use each of them. It’s a shame since some of them have a great scent and truly better the experience of sex.

In case you’re not sure how your body will react to some of those more extravagant products, use the classic water-based lube. It works great for almost everyone. The lube will help with penetration without causing irritation.

However, don’t forget that lube isn’t a cure! Lubrication is just a handy tool that can help ease up penetration. You should use it in combination with a suitable dildo or a vibrator. Together, they can relax the muscles and help the body juices flow.

How Vibrators Help Solve Vaginal Dryness to Avoid Painful Sex

As we’ve mentioned, vibrators were designed in the late 19th century to provide much-needed help for females suffering genital problems. Although they’re associated with masturbation and kinks nowadays, their utilization in curing medical conditions is still very much present.

The use of a vibrator or a dildo without excessive force can help a female body relax just enough for actual penetration. Playing around the vagina will start relaxing the vaginal muscles. Step by step, penetration will be possible. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect clitoral stimulation.

Unfortunately, rough use can turn vibrators into pain toys. There are products marketed as painful sex toys, but that’s another story. Therefore, moderation and taking things slowly are the only ways not to damage the pelvic floor tissue. It could also help you a lot if you purchase the right toy. Look for product reviews, its descriptions, and the guides like what lovegasm is doing. That is why they are highly recommended by those who have a lot of experience in buying kinky toys like vibrators. 

Talk It Out With Your Partner

Time and again, we’re forced to emphasize the importance of talking and sharing in a relationship. Even if it’s not sex-related, talking to each other is key to a healthy tale of success. Talking to your partner about sex is as important as discussing any other aspect of your relationship. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable in any way, share your feelings with your partner.

Foreplay and toy use can help your sex life. It will elevate it to a whole new level. Using toys and experimenting with different positions will allow you to find a way to experience sex in the best way possible.

You can also try mutual masturbation. It can help you explain what feels good and what’s painful to you.

Start sharing before it’s too late to save your relationship and sex life. Understanding each other is the strongest pillar a relationship can have. Introduce your partner to the sex toy idea. Using these tools, you’ll not only have more fun — but you’ll also make penetration easier.

There’s no room for shame here. Accepting the situation you’re in is the only way to solve it. There’s no use in avoiding problems. Be proactive about them — introduce vibrators and lube to your sex routine.

You can always thank us later. (wink-wink)

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