What are the sex problems that vibrators solve?


What are the sex problems that vibrators solve?

A lot of women suffer from a sexual dissatisfaction. They could have perfectly loving partners who can do anything for them but still they could be sexually unhappy. Sexual satisfaction is vital to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. On the other hand sexual dissatisfaction can wreak havoc in other aspects of your life as well. Vibrators could be a bliss for several women who are down with a sexually dysfunction life.

Pros of using vibrators

Helps to attain orgasm

This is surely the best reason to add vibrator to your intimate play sessions. 

It is a well-documented fact that around 70% women are unable to attain orgasm. Most of them have to fake it to keep their partners happy. The point is it’s not always a problem with their men. A lot of men feel being inadequate if they can’t make their women cum. But, once again, the problem is not with men.

The two most important things to note here are penetrative sex and female anatomy. Penetrative sex is always arousing for men yet not so for women. It’s because female anatomy is such that it doesn’t let women to attain orgasm from intercourse alone most of the times. In other words, a powerful clit stimulation is the most important criterion for a woman to achieve orgasm. And that’s not possible with penetrative sex alone. A woman craves for fingering and massage down under to charge up the clit which will lead her to a big O game. Vibrators are a great help here.

A woman can certainly go for solo masturbation or have her partner finger here. But, vibrators are machines and hence more powerful than human fingers. Run by motors, a vibrator can excite a woman with a super powerful buzz that will lead her to a dream climax effectively and successfully.

Vibrators are also great for solid G-spot stimulation that can’t ever be achieved through penetrative sex. In fact, some of these toys are especially meant for G-spot stimulation. Penetrative sex can’t stimulate your G-spot. It’s because, the sweet spot is located on upper vaginal wall. And when a man penetrates, he penetrates straight. He can’t touch the upper side of your clit. As a result, the G-spot gets neglected most of the time and affects your chances of attaining orgasm. But, with a vibrator, you can always be assured of amazing G-spot stimulation. You are in control of the toy here and the toy allows you the flexibility to reach the particular area that you exactly wish to target.  

Prevents vaginal atropy

Vaginal atropy is a condition where women experience almost negligible sensation down under. It affects their libido, makes it difficult to experience arousal which altogether negates their chances of orgasm. The condition mostly happens due to lack of blood flow in genital tissues.

Vibrators can do wonders here. These toys assure strong stimulation which activate the genital tissues and regulate blood flow in the area. This way, the toy helps to prevent vaginal atropy and rewards women with a high libido and satisfying sex life.

Helps to manage vaginismus

What is vaginismus? Well, it’s a vaginal condition where muscles in that area get tensed or stiff involuntarily during penetration. It creates huge problem while having penetrative sex with partner, leading to a damp sex life. Doctors generally use medical dilators here to ease the muscles and prevent stiffness. But some modern doctors have found vibrators to be more useful in such situations.

Vibrating toys work to energize the area with strong stimulation which eventually helps the muscles to relax and soften down. As a result, penetrative sex becomes easier and users benefit from a healthy sex life.

Cleaner vagina and stronger pelvic wall

As mentioned previously, vibrators help women to attain their dream orgasm which is not always possible with penetrative sex alone. This orgasmic effect comes with several benefits. One, it helps to clean the vagina. A clean vagina is very important for a woman’s overall sexual health. As orgasms help with thorough cleansing of vagina, these work to keep the germs like bad bacteria at bay.

Besides, orgasms can contribute a lot in strengthening your pelvic wall. The act of orgasm is technically contraction of muscles which help with a fantastic workout for pelvic wall. A strong pelvic wall is really important for internal fitness and sound sexual health. Weak pelvic wall leads to several problems like urinary incontinence and low libido. On the other hand, strong pelvic wall eliminates the incontinence issues, charges up your libido and improves your sex life.

Keeps you relaxed

This is another great benefit of using a vibrator.

Medical studies have confirmed that satisfying orgasms unleash certain neurotransmitters and hormones which enable a person to feel relaxed. Orgasms increase secretion of major endorphins which work to fight off depression, anxiety as well as other related mental disorders. As a vibrator enables you to attain powerful orgasms, it eventually helps you to steer clear of stress and tension. A calm and relaxed mind is beneficial for every aspect of life. From your sex life to your professional meetings, everything will suffer if you are stressed and under mental pressure. Orgasms help you to get rid of this unwanted pressure and attain peace, happiness and positivity that make your life more beautiful.  

So, you have all the great reasons to add a vibrator to your intimate sessions from now on. One of the best aspects of vibrators is that they can be used solo or with a partner as well. There are different kinds of vibrators available to choose from. Some of them are quite big and come enclosed in dildos. You can penetrate them inside your vagina and feel the buzz internally. You will also find mini bullet-shaped vibrators that are handy to carry anywhere.

Using a vibrator is pretty easy and you won’t have to learn any advanced technique here. Just make sure to start with lowest setting when you are staring out with the toy for the first time. Once your body gets comfortable with that mechanical buzz, you can graduate to the higher levels. It is also recommended to always purchase your vibrating dildos from established online stores like lovegasm.

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