What is still photography?


What is still photography?

Still, photography is a genre of photography that focuses majorly on capturing an inanimate or a group of inanimate objects. This is a really artistic approach in the field of photography and gives us a very different vision for looking at the world. If you are a photographer in making, then here are the general things that you should know about still photography.

The first thing that we need to discuss here is the type of still photography. If one has to divide the still photography into categories, then there would be 2 categories in it. The first one would be found still life and the second one would be created still life. Now, before we discuss more these two types of photography, one thing that should be there in the reader’s mind is that there are not many differences between the two. Also, the basic characteristics of these categories of photography could be guessed by its name. If you want to become a photographer and that too a master of still photography, then there are minute details that you should focus upon. Now, these minute details and the differences between the two types of still photography are discussed in the section below.

Found still life

It has been a record that a lot of photographers go for created still life, but if we do not discuss found still life, and then this entire discussion would be incomplete. Now, one could guess the basic characteristics of this type of photography with the help of its name only. First thing first, this is clearly a type of photograph that does not require any man-made the setting. The picture that we take is all natural. If we go into more details of this type of photography, then we could say that it is intelligent photography.

You need to go near the target photo and then you need to understand that there is a natural setting and that you could actually take pictures. So, this is a kind of challenge that the photographers usually face if they are into found still photography. However, with time, the photographers get the idea and they become a pro in it. The object captured in the photograph could be anything. You just need to go near it and need to understand the setting and beauty of the object.

Created still life

In the previous point only, we have discussed that almost all the photographers now a day prefer creating still life and they have a valid reason for it. In this type of photography, you do not need to struggle more and you could get amazing pictures whenever you want. In the found still life, you need to be at the right place at the right time, but this is not the case with creating still life.

You could take a shot full of light at midnight also. As mentioned above, there are not many differences between created and found still life. Here also, you need to recognize the beauty of the object that you are capturing and then you need to do the settings accordingly. The subject, which you have in your mind is important than anything else. Again, there could be any object in the frame. It just requires the right setting to get into the place.

So, these were the two of the basic types of still photography that you could do, if trying to become a photographer. Now, after discussing the types of still photography, it is the time to discuss more it. For now, we will discuss the important components that are required in still photography.

Still, photography set up

Be it any kind of photography, set up is very important and set up is all about the equipment and components used in it. Here is the list of few of them.

  • Table

This might sound funny to a lot of newbies, but when you enter the world of photography, you realize that this is the most important equipment out of all. All the set up that you do is solely dependent on the table. One should select the type of table depending upon the type of photography and type of setup done. The size, length and the width of the table have to be selected accordingly.

  • Tripod

Be it still photography or any other type of photography, it is all about movements and handling of the camera. Tripod, in this case, is a very important thing. There are a lot of times when you need to put your camera at a certain angle. Although there are things that could be used for getting that perfect angel, nothing is better than a good tripod. The biggest problem with a tripod is that a lot of people think that tripods are very expensive, but this is a myth. A lot of companies have created a lot of tripod designs and you could go for any one of them, to start with.

  • Backdrop

The backdrop is again a very important component when we talk about the setup for a photo shoot. The reason for which we have put it on the third number of this list is that sometimes when you go to shoot something outdoors, you get the natural backdrops. However, you need to create one, if you are shooting indoors. There are a lot of ideas online, from which you could take the reference and could form one of your own.

  • Lights

Lighting is an obvious requirement for photo shoots and setting it in the proper way is very necessary. Now, here also, the case is kind of the same as the backdrop. When you go outside, you get the natural light. However, for indoor shoots, you need to buy lighting equipment of your own.

So, these were all the important points that you should know about still photography. These basic points are enough to give a beginner the exact idea about it.




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