Sex Toy Photography 101


Sex Toy Photography 101

If you were searching for a new way to decorate your room or merely take photos of adult silicone toys, sex toy photography might be a perfect thing for you. More and more people are experimenting with still life art form but with adult elements instead of fruits and such. And the results can be incredible. 

Still Life Photography Description

Still life photography evolved from a broader art style of the same name dating to ancient Egypt. The idea behind it is to capture inanimate objects in your surroundings. That doesn’t have to include anything complex or extraordinary, and many people use bowls of fruits as their subjects. 

Naturally, paintings soon evolved into photos, and many people continued the tradition and exploring this art form. The main advantage of a photo is that the artist can freely create their own composition and rearrange items to make them look more appealing.

If you check out these types of photographs, you’ll notice that the main focus is on lighting, composition, and framing. Also, all of them are taken at a medium angle. 

Sex Toy Still Life Photography

Since still life doesn’t need to focus on food and items on your desk, people started experimenting with other objects. Today, there are so many artists combining sex toys and still life to create something exciting.

The core idea behind sex toys in this art form is identical to any other item. The artist will try to capture the beauty of these objects and play with lighting and composition. The main difference, of course, is that it flirts with taboos. Moreover, the final result you can see can be both sensual and artistic at the same time. 

Sex Toy Photography for Product Advertising

One of the best places you can find this type of photography would be a product catalog. To fully understand what you are buying, the company will upload a photo of their product that’ll tell you a lot more than a simple description. You know what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That is especially true in this case. 

Be honest: if no such picture were available, would you even bother reading the product info? 

Sex Toy Photography for Sexting

Creating photos of your product is just one of many reasons to take a photo of a sex toy. Photographing adult toys is something that’s rather popular in sexting. While this “art form” is a lot less artistic (doesn’t have to be, though), it still serves a purpose. Exchanging juicy messages with your partner is fun, and sending them a photo of your glass dildo, for example, can make their imagination run wild. 

They will instantly think of various ways you might be using it, and even if you don’t say anything, they will project their fantasies and dreams. It’s a simple yet effective way to pique someone’s interest and make them aroused. 

Sex Toy Photography as a Form of Art

Even if you are not interested in sexting or advertising your products, you can still practice sex toy photography. For many, this is an art form and a way to express themselves. 

With beautiful lighting and keen eyes, even a stainless steel dildo can look like Rembrandt’s painting. If you are kinky enough, you might want a photograph like this hung on your bedroom wall, or even living room (we’re not judging). 

Even though some might consider these as erotic photos, they can be so much more. In essence, taking pictures of sex toys is a sub-category of boudoir photography that focuses on intimate, romantic or even erotic subjects, usually suggestive instead of explicit.


There are many different reasons why you might want to take a photo of your sex toy. For some, it is an art form, while others might want to show how their product looks. 

Still life is an art form that dates thousands of years ago, and today, it mostly focuses on photography instead of paintings. 

Instead of taking pictures of your food, you can photograph your sex toys to create beautiful art. 

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