How To Make Sex Toys Pop Up On Pictures?


How To Make Sex Toys Pop Up On Pictures?

With those early blurry pictures of the late 19th-century, the art world changed, allowing a new member inside of its exclusive club. In a time of frequent technological advancements and innovations, a certain piece of equipment sparked quite a stir. Besides electricity beating steam and paving the way for the modern world, the camera affected human society in a more perfidious way.

Fascinated with the possibility of capturing every single moment in our life, we all fell in love with the lens. We started living for the camera, wanting to show off in front of it more than we did in front of the people we met. And as time went by, photography became more and more accessible for average folks. It finally found its home in almost every pocket across the entire globe.

Back then, it was only time that product advertising minds took advantage of this new art form. And why wouldn’t they? We are talking about a cheap yet effective way of delivering your message and merchandise to potential customers. It’s practically a bargain.

And if you know how to do it well, you’ve got yourself a winning combination. Hence, incorporating well-renowned artists to shoot photos for your brand will always be among the smartest decisions your marketing team can make.

But, since we’re gathered here to talk about sex toy photography tips, it’s clear we’re going to venture into erotic territory. We probably won’t reach the depths of Helmut Newton’s horny genius, but we surely won’t disappoint. So follow us further on this journey of erotic photography, woven from pure kink and desire.

Sex Toy Photography

Just like any other industry, adult toy companies found their rightful place in this artistic medium. Although quite different from your average landscape photography, popular sex toys beam in a different light. They’re not about natural wonders or almost tasteable food frames — they’re there to spark naughty ideas inside of your brain.

But even if one can argue the same rules apply to all subgenres of photography, let’s inspect what makes a great sex toy photo. Shall we?

Similarly to any other branch of visual art, the idea and motivation behind your masterpiece must exist. Whether it’s clear as day or subtle, it’s key to grab the audience’s attention. Thinking about the photo before you shoot it is the first thing any aspiring artist should do.

Once you’ve got the idea, you’ll need to think about the setup that will allow it to reflect in the best possible light. Adjusting your white balance to suit the lighting you’re going to use, finding the right lens to shoot with, and implementing a fitting background to make the whole deal complete, are all key factors here.

To capture your Sigourney Weaver holding a fire hose between her legs (macho style) as the legendary Helmut Newton did, you’ll need to implement all the mentioned details. You see, great photography requires talent — but not without hard work and smart planning. Most sex toy stock photos look the same, but there’s no need for you to not stick out from the crowd.


    Good Lighting

    Without any doubt, the foundation of a good photo is light — it will make or break a piece. You could say it’s the harshest judge once it comes to great photos. It doesn’t matter if you’re going retro and analog or you’re using a digital camera, the same principles apply.

    But hey! Lucky you — we’re here to explain everything!

    When it comes to the type of lighting, there are two things you should know. The first one is linked to what type of object you’re shooting. The other’s concerned whether the shoot’s going to take place indoors or outside. Simple, isn’t it?

    For example, when shooting food (a nowadays pretty lucrative photo business), we’d recommend using a natural light source. The sunlight, combined with a minimalistic background, will make all the vibrant colors pop out. Furthermore, it’ll give your subject that natural glow that attracts the human eye. So if you’re going to shoot a colorful butt plug, go for natural lighting.

    But on the other hand, let’s say you’re going for some kinky BDSM vibrating cock ring photos. It’s safe to assume that a dark room will work best for that kind of toy. The act itself will perfectly match a dim-lighted atmosphere. Hence, we’d suggest you use led lights here because they work best in a dark surrounding.

    Also, when using an artificial light source, you should incorporate a softbox. This device helps the light form more natural shadows without the danger of looking like sharp edges behind your model.

    Use the Bed Covers

    This is a pretty obvious piece of advice here, folks. You know, most people associate sex with bedrooms, and they usually contain a bed with some sheets. Thus, it makes it clear that your potential customer will add two and two once they see a remote control vibrator wrapped in crumpled bed sheets.

    Besides being provocative and beautiful, a great piece of product photography must always lead viewers to a conclusion. And what better way to spark interest in your customers than to link your product to a thing they associate with sexual intercourse. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting a clitoral stimulation gadget or penetrative sex toy, you need to align it perfectly with the environment.

    Of course, once wrapping the toy in sheets, avoid making it hard for the viewer to understand what it actually is. Obstacle avoidance is essential, almost as camera shaking or depth of field when doing panorama stuff. Also, not to forget, sex toys for couples work great with bed covers too.

    Use a Model to Hold It or Use It

    Remember when we mentioned Sigourney Weaver holding a fire hose in a very suggestive position? Well, yeah! It came to haunt you again now. That’s a great example of how you can use a model to imply something in erotic photography. Just imagine a fine-looking young model, holding a dildo or performing oral sex on it.

    While holding it, they can be winking to the audience, signaling some dirty message to your potential customer. Those little simple connotations can work wonders for sex toy product placement. Of course, it’s not like we’re all young and beautiful, but you can’t argue people love seeing attractive people on the screen.

    Keep body diversity aside. Things stand as they’ve always stood, and the future will only prove us right. So, find a model that suits your idea of attractiveness and use them for your sexual masterpiece. An aspiring model won’t shy away from performing naughty in front of a camera lens. Therefore, don’t fool yourself into thinking no one’s going to go for your kinky ideas.


    Use Your Kitchen

    This one might seem odd for some people. How does one connect the kitchen, fruit, and vegetables with sex and adult toys? Well, it’s rather simple — just use your imagination! To attract family people and couples, you should go for stuff that’s familiar to them. Placing a massive veiny dildo alongside a cucumber or banana is pretty fitting, we’d say.

    Implicate that a sex toy can be a regular object, just like any other you can find around your house. So, conducting a photoshoot in the kitchen is perfect for all those lonely housewives you’re trying to win over. Tell them visually that it’s okay to be horny and long for a good fuck.

    And if you’re going for a model here, dress them up in fitting clothes. For example, let your model wear an apron while using a massive toy you’re trying to place on the market. Be innovative, but stay true to the erotic art form because it’ll only make you stand out from the rest.

    The Right Type of Lens

    Lastly, it’s essential to talk about different types of lenses. All we’ve mentioned before wouldn’t make any sense if we didn’t include one of the most important things about camera work. A camera lens is an optical add-on that attaches to the body of the device, and different kinds produce different results.

    In general, you’ve got four main types — ultra-wide, wide, standard, and zoom lens. They offer quite different options for the camera operator. But once it comes to the classic tabletop or product photography, you should use the standard lens (35–135 mm). It will allow your focal length to act normal, and for the frame not to get blurry or distorted.

    The other three kinds offer exciting results of their own, but for this kind of photography, they’re not that helpful. That is if you don’t intend to shoot an early 2000s skateboard video with Tony Hawk dildos (ultra-wide — “fisheye lens”), or if you’re not doing principal photography for a porn movie set in the wild. So stick to your guns, and good luck — we’ll be watching! 

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