Reasons why still photography is better


Reasons why still photography is better

There are a lot of forms of photography and one could opt for any one of them depending on their interest. However, if you ask about the trendiest and easiest one, out of all, then it would be the still photography. This is probably the reason for which most of the photographer goes for it. Here are some of the facts related to it and the reasons why it is better.

Before we go into details about the fact that why still photography is better, let us have a look in the two basic types of still photography.

1.Found still life

The meaning of this type of photography is actually clear from its name itself. The only thing that is common between both of these categories is that the photographer needs to capture still objects. In found still life, you do not actually need to do anything in terms of setup. The things are already there and you just have to capture them in your camera. In simple words, is still life, you capture images that are already there and are natural.

2.Created still life

This category of photography is actually the opposite of the one that is mentioned in the previous option. Here, the photographer could create a photograph out of anything. If you talk about still photography in general, then it’s nothing but created still life. In this photography type, you do not need to step outside your house every time you want to get a better picture. There is a proper setup done for it. If natural light is available, it is good, if not, then artificial light setup could be done to achieve what you want.

So, these are the two basic types of still photography that a photographer needs to learn. Now that, you know what still photography is, it would be easier for you to understand, why it is better. In the section below, you will get to read about it.

3.It is easy

The first thing that could be done in order to prove that something is better is to compare it with something similar or that is from the same field. In the case of still photography, if we compare it with the moving or digital photography or film making, then the very first thing that we realize is that it is easy, comparatively. If you know the technique behind the still photography, then you will understand what we are trying to say. In still photography, the object that you are capturing is not moving. It is easy to capture an object which is not moving, in comparison to the objects that are moving. Here, you could get the time to do experimentation and to apply various techniques to make the photograph, even better.

So, the first thing for which one should go for still photography is that it is easy going. If you are looking for a career in photography, you should start with it. The level of this photograph could be understood by the fact that it does not even require you to take up a course. All you need is just a good camera and a good lens and some focus. Taking it into consideration, we could say that anyone could become a photographer if he or she wants to become.

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4.It is inexpensive

The second reason for which one should go for still photography is that the equipment that is used in it is not that expensive. We are not saying that the camera or the lenses used could not be expensive. It could be, but it is not compulsory. To start with, you could use any camera and a good lens. However, if you look at the camera equipment of the other forms of photography, then you will realize that investing in expensive things is a compulsion there. Again, if you are someone who wants to start their career in photography, then you could easily opt for it.

5.Easy setup

Actually, this point should have been added into the first point itself, where we have talked about the easiness of this photography mode. With this point itself, it is clear that the biggest factor for which the majority of photographer goes for still photography is that it is very smooth. Even the setup for this is easy and inexpensive. There are certain things that you need and you are sorted for every shoot afterward.

If we talk about lighting, then it is really easy to get the perfect lighting in any of the still photography. Now, if you are shooting outside, then there is no need for any artificial lighting. You get it enough with the natural one. Even if, you need to arrange artificial sources for lighting, you could get it from anywhere and that too at very reasonable prices. Along with the lighting, a good backdrop is important. Now, for that, you could actually create one or there are a lot of options outdoors also. So, in total, we could say that the setup is quite easy and inexpensive of the still photography.

6.Lots of options

The very basic concept of photography is that the pictures that you have taken should have some meaning. A photographer should learn how to take the picture and then make it meaningful. Well, for that, one needs to study and then needs to take the ideas for his or her shoots. Now, there is a lot of work already available on the internet and one could take the reference from that. So, it is actually easy to find a lot of ideas for doing that perfect still photography.

These were all the reasons which in one way or the other have proved that still, photography is better than all other genres of photography that exists in this world. After reading all these points, the readers could get the idea of what still photography is and what are the things that make it easy for photographers to pursue it.

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