Where is the best place to do still photography?


Where is the best place to do still photography?

Out of all the challenges that a photographer faces, finding a good location is the toughest. It takes a lot of efforts to realize that the particular location is good enough for a photo shoot. Here, we have written down a few of the location ideas that you could actually consider if you want to do some quality still photography.

Water as a backdrop

It is definitely not a new idea and all the photographers till now have used this backdrop for the best photos. You really do not need to go for any specific water body, any small or big place will do. It could be a sea, river, lake, pond or even a small swimming pool. Now, it is obvious that with the change of the water body, the quality of the photo will change. However, it totally depends on the photographer as to how he or she turns the photo out. The basic concept is that you could not expect classic shots at a swimming pool and vice versa. So, it is important to choose the location according to the way in which you want your photograph to be.

Parking lots come to the rescue

The subtitle that we have given to this point is actually appropriate. Parking lots are actually savior points. They are one such option where you won’t find any crowd and a lot of space. This simply means that, if you want to do still photography, you could easily set up your things here and then could click amazing shots. If you talk about the spaces that could be used for clicking the photographs, then they are a staircase, rooftop, industrial area, and other things. The best part about the parking spots is that one could find different shades of light, in the afternoon. If you click pictures there at this time of the day, they would turn out to be the best. As we mentioned earlier also, there is not much crowd in the parking lot and this actually makes it even easier to take the photograph.

Natural setting

This is one such photo shoot location idea that would never get old. What you could not get anywhere else, could be found in the lap of nature. The best part about shooting in a natural setting is that you get a hell lot of options as a backdrop. Thus, a lot of ideas could be incorporated with these backdrops. Again, the way you want your photographs to look is the main idea behind the concept of choosing the location. The natural space that you are choosing could be a quiet or a crowded area, depending upon the type of photo you want. The added bonus that you get with natural setting is that, along with the good location, you get the perfect natural lighting. Try to keep the contrast by managing your camera against the light. If you are shooting in dark, then you should keep your camera in the opposite direction to the light and so on.

Old/ abandoned buildings

Old buildings generally get abandoned for the general public, but they speak a lot of untold stories. This is probably the reason why every photographer wants to make this a backdrop for their pictures. It is said that, if a town or city had some past, it must have some old buildings or their ruins. If you have just started to showcase your photography skills, you should start with places like this. Always keep one thing in mind that there are particular rules for these abandoned buildings, made by the government. Also, these types of locations are not safe every time. So, the first thing that you need to do is to do a cross check and once you are inside the building, you need to take the proper care.

Rooftops are the best

If you are into photography and follow some of the experienced ones from this field, then you would know about the importance of rooftop location. Literally, anything could be created out of it. The biggest reason for which this location is everyone’s favorite is that it is one of those locations that we are not allowed to visit when we were small. Other technical reasons for which one always opt for rooftop locations for the shoot is the proper angle and proper lighting. You really do not need to set up much. The proper lighting is already there. Just turn around your camera in a better way and you are done.

Greenhouses: a substitute for the natural background

Greenhouses are not hard to find. You could start in your own house. If you have any greenery at your backyard, you could use that area as your backdrop. Even if you do not have one, you could go to the greenhouses that your city has. Almost every city in this world has a greenhouse, where people grow plants or flowers. Majorly, you would find a greenhouse, where the crowd is allowed to enter. Well, at such places, it would be difficult for you to shoot, but if the greenhouse remains empty every time, it would turn into a great photo shoot location.

Walls with textures

Looking at the ease of finding this photo shoot location, this option should have been put on the first place on this list. No matter where you live, it is so easy to find a textured wall. If a photographer is clicking a picture in a portrait mode, this backdrop would be perfect for him or her. A boring and dull wall could be used as the best backdrop and a lot of good pictures could be clicked with this as the background.

So, these locations are the best options to do still photography. All the locations that we have mentioned in the section above are just perfect and could be used for any type of still photography. To understand the exact way of shooting at these places, you need to go through each point in detail.

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