10 Objects for Still-Photography that Adults Will Love


10 Objects for Still-Photography that Adults Will Love

Still, photography is a category of photography which allows for lots of experimentation. It allows the photographer to style and design the shot as he or she wants to. One can photograph using any object they want. But still, photography with adult themes is still a niche. But the experimentation is certainly there and it is growing as well. When it to adult themes or objects which can be used for still photography that will be loved than the list is certainly long. So let’s look at some now.

Magic wand

A magic wand is a powerful vibrator and it can be used for getting both the fun and freaky on with your partner. This comes with on and off buttons which can be used for a lot of fun. It can be great in Dom and Sub plays as well. In still life, a huge vibrator can be used to portray the length and height of the female climax that can be achieved. It can also be used to portray the soft and rough BDSM aspect if it.

Abstract objects combinations

This might seem vague, but the title is essentially meant to convey that not everything needs to be connected. A photographer should be able to give new meaning to combinations, patterns, colors and things do that beautiful pictures are drawn out from it. Take, for example, a CD and a globe- both are round and these can be used together to show that the whole world is full of music. This is a form of minimalist still life photography. But that’s not the end for round objects, especially when oranges, wheels, the moon, headphones and more are round as well. Trying to give meaning to such connections will certainly engage adults a lot.


Just because you are engaging in still life photography you don’t have to necessarily use light, shadows, color and more to convey what you want. You can indeed straight use words as well. You might think that it’s not very adult-like but being an adult doesn’t always mean that you have to be serious, you can have fun and bring out the child in you too. Use words made up of different things like confetti, chocolate, flowers, fruits, spices and more to give meaning to the images more.

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Patterns have been discussed before, but one thing must be said about them- they always look good. There’s something very soothing about looking at neatly constructed things. Patterns can be found everywhere in nature, ranging from leaves and fruits to more. Sometimes these patterns can be subtle in a photograph and signature finding those connections and rhythms can be interesting for adult viewers.


Coffee is a very adult thing and it is associated by many as the warm thing which wakes them up and gives them the strength to go on. But coffee is way more versatile than that and it can give a lot to still life photographs. You can make a coffee and biscuits chequer-board or a coffee with marshmallow clouds. Coffee and Winter themes go along really well. So a cup of frothy and steaming hot coffee being held by sweater-clad hands invokes pleasant feelings in every viewer.

Partner vibrator

There are various kinds of partner vibrators which are available but there’s particularly one which is shaped like a whale and it is also waterproof so it can certainly be used in a shower or bathtub as well. It has been designed in such a way that it hugs the body and gives a powerful stimulation. This kind of vibrators works well if you have a partner to hand it to so that they can get to work on you. In terms of still life, this kind of cooperative work can be depicted easily. Using interplay between light and shadows one can also show eroticism.

Cock ring

Cock rings are great for enhancing penetrative sex and they are flexible enough to slide on any size of the penis. These are great subjects for still life since still, life is all about exploring and experimenting with various new thing. A cock ring for that matter isn’t something which is used by many heterosexual male partners since it is thought to be used only by homosexual pairs. But that just makes it even more perfect for still light photography because then it can be used to send a message regarding its use.

Chalk Drawings

This isn’t an object category but 2d chalk drawn objects combined with 3d objects can make for amazing still life images. It can help in creating a new reality per se. For example, a 2d person holding a 3d thing like a flower or biscuit.


Flowers are great subjects when it comes to still life photography. Flowers also energize the mind and bring freshness when we see them. Thus adults love to see flowers a lot and their way to viewing flowers is more mature and calm rather than the bubbling enthusiasm of children. Use a rose to tell a story of friendship and a tulip to tell one of longing. But don’t limit yourself to just flowers, make use of leaves to add more substance to your images.

A crop

Many people love impact play which involves flogging, spanking and such. A crop is part of a BDSM toy set which adds to the fun of sexual play and it is also a step up from spanking. But they are also safe and don’t have many risks at all. So it makes enjoying dominance and submission quite easy. In still life, it can be used to create an atmosphere of both Danger and safety, love and hate and other myriad opposite emotions. This can be done by playing with space, colors, framing and more.

Still, photography is an amazing field which allows people lots of freedom to shape and mold the images as they want. It is a great way to create something unique and never seen before.

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