What Do Men Think When They See You Naked?


What Do Men Think When They See You Naked?

No matter how down to earth you may be, you’ve certainly thought about how your partner sees you before intercourse. To be frank, that’s perfectly normal. We’ve all had those moments. It’s just natural to question yourself in front of others, certainly while naked.

It’s the same when it comes to nude photography. You see, sending nudes isn’t that easy for everyone because people automatically judge your body. Everyone — some more than others — fears this, no matter how free-spirited we think we are. Therefore, let’s debunk certain myths and fears you may have by dissecting an average male brain, shall we?

We Try to Keep Ourselves Together

In truth, guys get pretty excited when they see your naked body. It doesn’t matter if they’re horny teens or mature men — it works both ways. But even though they’re burning inside, not everyone will show you that. It’s somewhat similar to reverse psychology, you know.

Showing how much they want you can be counterproductive in their eyes. A more mature and experienced guy will never allow showing how desperate he is for you. That way, he’ll try to make you work harder for him. And in some ways, the same could be said for girls, seeing how acting like you don’t care is more of a sign of caring when it comes to mutual attraction.

We Save a Mental Picture of You

Don’t worry. He’ll remember every little detail on your body. He’ll keep reminding himself of you when he’s alone. You know, for when masturbating and playing solo when you’re not around. But this doesn’t mean you should be worried he’ll inspect you like some Special Service agent. 


We like to remember things our way, not necessarily how they happened. Our minds tend to disregard what they don’t find attractive or exciting, focusing on minor details you’d never think mattered. Of course, all this depends on person to person. Some will try to remember the smell of your skin, while others will memorize how light reflects off your skin.


The moment you decide to undress for them willingly, it will be something like Christmas in their heads. Nude photos and the way the human body plays with light and shadow are entirely different. You can’t compare erotic photography with what’s inside your partner’s head while imagining you.

Moreover, it’s a relief that the moment has finally come. No one likes to get caught staring at you horny. It’s just as unpleasant for them as it’s for you while being in someone’s focus. Sure, you might feel desire on his end, but you can’t compare that with actual eye contact with your consent.

“How Can I Make Her More Comfortable…”

To get to where they want to go, guys will do almost anything. Be sure that when dealing with a regular guy, he’ll be willing to do even the impossible to see your naked body. That doesn’t need to upset you. On the contrary, you should use this in your favor.

No matter how cliche it might sound, girls own boys as soon as they realize what they have between their legs. You should play to your advantage, making him try his very best to make you as comfortable as possible. It’s plain and simple — they’re suckers for your body.

We Give You Undivided Attention

“In the end, it’s all about her,” someone once said — and they weren’t wrong. Dick pics aside, guys would give all they’ve got if they sense there’s the slightest chance of getting down with you. And no, that doesn’t mean they’re horny and vulgar people — it’s just they think with their dong instead of their heads when it comes to sex. Don’t worry; it’s not Carrie Bradshaw who’s writing this, believe us.

“I’m a Lucky Guy”

When you finally undress, there’s only one thing on his mind. No matter how cool, calm, and composed he seems, he’s thinking one thing — “I’m a lucky guy.” A male and a nude girl in front of him is nothing like sharing a nude photograph. There’s no distance between the two of you. So, nothing is separating you from having sex.

We Admire Your Body

Just like we’ve said, men love female bodies. It’s no wonder why they tend to memorize even the slightest details on you for when they’re alone. You’d probably overlook something on you that he’ll remember and cherish as something beautiful and sexy, from your hair and the way that it falls onto your shoulders to how your feet look like. It’s all there, from top to bottom. Here’s what men think when they see a naked body.

And no matter what your body type is, they’ll love it unconditionally. Therefore, learn how to use what you’ve got and make sure you get what you need. No, it’s not selling yourself — it’s playing along with how the world around you works. Show them your worth, and they’ll go crazy for it.

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