Instagram Boyfriend 101


Instagram Boyfriend 101

You know the drill with millennials and Gen Z-ers — everything is about social media. With millions of users worldwide, each social media platform offers a chance to connect with friends, share photos and videos, and even attract some people to your small business.

So there’s no doubt that social media has become a massive part of everyone’s lives. However, Instagram seems to be particularly important because every girl (and let’s be honest, boy) wants their Insta feed to be on fleek. That means they put a lot of thought into each and every Instagram post or Instagram story they share.

Because Insta is a photo-sharing platform, that means a lot of people spend a considerable chunk of their free time taking pics. Look — there’s no shame in that. Everyone wants their selfies and pics to look good.

That’s probably why your girl has been nagging you for help. And, boy, if you haven’t been reading up on basic photography rules to make sure each snap of her glorious face looks divine, then you’ve been a bad Instagram boyfriend.

Wait, what is an instagram boyfriend?

Well, let’s put it this way — if your girl is Insta-obsessed and is always handing you her phone, so you could take a pic or two (or a hundred), then YOU are an Instagram boyfriend. However, not every BF is worthy of the title.

If you’ve ever snapped a pic of your girl, handed her the phone or digital camera back, and watched the smile slip away from her face, then we have some bad news for you. You suck at Instagram boyfriending (yes, it’s a word).

Listen, your girl does a lot to keep her Insta page looking fresh and cute. She does her hair and makeup, looks for great locations, knows all the filters like the back of her hand (yes, even the black and white ones), and strikes a splendid pose each time. So if the pic turns out not that great, the problem really isn’t her, is it now?

Nope, it’s probably you. A good Instagram boyfriend knows a thing or two about photography (night photography especially) and will get involved in the whole process of taking pics. Because, yes, it’s a process. You can’t just take one and call it a day. Get it together, man.

Ideas for boyfriends who aren’t naturals

Now, if you’re just realizing that you’ve been letting your girl down on this front, don’t worry. We have a complete beginner’s guide for you that will teach you how to be the best Instagram boyfriend to ever live. Message your friends who have similar issues, gather round, and let us tell you the tale of digital photography.

Background is key

Before you do anything, make sure you’re aware of what kind of a photo your girl wants. Don’t worry — she’ll explain it thoroughly. All you have to do is listen.

Once you know what you’re aiming for, pay close attention to the background. A good shot focuses on the subject (that’s your girlfriend) and doesn’t let anything from the background steal the spotlight. However, you also have to keep in mind that the environment has to be engaging as well.

No girl wants a million close-up pics of her in various places that you can’t really see because she’s at the forefront of each and every one. Make her the focal point but showcase the background as well.

Most importantly, don’t let passers-by ruin your shot. If someone snuck in the frame, take another pic. Always take more than one pic, so she can have several options to choose from.

Angles are everything

If you take a pic of your girlfriend from a downward angle when she doesn’t specifically ask you to do that exact thing, she will kill you.

Well, okay, she probably won’t have such a dramatic reaction. But still, pick flattering angles, man, and don’t try to defend yourself with that, “But you look good from any angle, baby!” gibberish. You’re well aware that some angles work better than others.

Now, this particular tip might require you to jump through a few hoops or find an elevated spot to take the photo from. Listen, it is what it is, man. If you’re all in, you won’t mind a bit of gymnastics to take that perfect shot.

Endurance, baby

We have mentioned this already, but it bears repeating. Taking Insta pics isn’t a one-and-done type of affair. You’ll have to work on your endurance and stamina to keep up with your girl.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a casual stroll around the neighborhood or on vacation in some exotic place. If your girl likes to take pictures, you’ll need the stamina to keep up.


Well, to be honest, if you’re on vacation, you’ll probably have to work harder. But, man, just remember — the smile you get when she asks for a photo for the millionth time that day and you give her an enthusiastic yes is worth it.


Know your filters

Instagram filters are the bread and butter of all Insta models (professional or amateur). However, there are also other photo editing options that go beyond the Insta platform.

If you can, look into which filters work best for your girlfriend’s skin tone and which go with specific lighting. You can’t just slap the same one on every photo. What’s the point of that?

Make it look candid

Finally, the most important tip is to get involved in the process of taking pictures. Don’t let your girl do everything herself and just play the trigger finger role.

Instead, make suggestions on poses, locations, lighting, etc., that will make the pic look as candid as possible. No one wants a fake, posed pic on their feed. Trust us; your girl is aiming for an artsy, candid shot that will look natural, relaxed, and effortlessly cool. Making that happen takes a lot of work, so get into it.

A few parting words

A few million people take Insta pics every minute of every day with the goal of taking that perfect shot. Now, that’s not always possible, but the least you can do is be a good Instagram boyfriend and help your girl reach her goal.

Be patient with her, and if you can, get as much into it as possible. After all, it’s a great way to spend time together and make her happy. She’s doing the same for you (don’t lie, we know you love it when your Insta page looks fresh as well).

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