Things you need to know if you want to be a still photography expert


Things you need to know if you want to be a still photography expert

Still, photography is actually the officially acquired photography, as a majority of photographers chose it as an option. It is not that they are choosing it because it is easy. The main reason, for which a lot of people are opting for it, is that it is super fun and one gets a lot to learn from it. If you too are a budding photographer and want to become a still photography expert, then these are a few of the points that should be there in your mind.

Learn the setup technique

Still photography is of two types, namely found and created. Found still life is the capturing of objects that are already there in their natural set up, whereas created still life is one that needs all the settings and the arrangements done by the photographer. Now, if you talk about the trends, then a majority of photographers go with the created still life and they have the appropriate reasons for that. For this genre of photography, you do not need to go to the right place but need to learn the setup technique.

For this type of photography, one really has to be good with the setup. The main component of this photo setup is the lighting part. Now, if you are shooting in sunlight, then it is fair enough. You won’t have to face any problem with that. However, if you are not getting the natural light, then you need to make the arrangements for artificial lightings. Once that is done, the photographer should learn the way in which these lights should be put, to get the best results. All in all, the setup technique is very important to learn.

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Right backdrop

Consider all these points concentrated on creating still life photography. So, when we are talking about created still life, then backdrop becomes an important point in it. Now, if you are shooting at a natural backdrop, then this discussion becomes completely pointless, but when you need to shoot indoors and you have to create backdrops of your own, then the actual challenge comes in. However, now a day, there is a lot of backdrop ideas on the internet. You could go there and could find which suits you the best. The self-made backdrops may look like a job, full of efforts, but it’s not that difficult. You just need to pick the right technique for its creation. Now, for indoor shoots, it is always suggested to invest in backdrops that could be used time and again.

Perfect tripod

Photos are all about the right angle of the camera and every time you could not capture an image with the camera in your hands. You need a good tripod for that. Tripod is an important part of the whole camera setup that is done for the photography. Now, with a good tripod, you could do a lot of experiments and these experiments will help you in improving your photography skills. The name of the type of shoot is still, but it needs not to be fixed at one point. There is a lot of angels that could be changed and then the picture could be captured. Only a good photographer will know what the importance of a good tripod is. Now a day, there are a lot of tripod designs available in the market and all of these are good in some way or another. So, it is not necessary that a tripod that costs high will be good. To start with, you could actually use any basic one.

Subject matters a lot

Till now, we were discussing the equipment, set up, backdrop and other things. These things actually could be bought with the help of money and one could get them easily from anywhere. These are obviously important for good pictures, but the most important thing that a photographer requires is his own mind, his own intelligence and the ability to think in diverse ways.

Now, from the word subject, we mean that one needs to decide that the photograph that he or she is going to click is based on which theme. We mentioned earlier also, that every picture that is being taken contains some meaning in it. Obviously, the meaning that the picture contains is given to it, by the photographer. So, as a photographer, it should be your prime duty to click pictures that contain certain meaning in it. Therefore, before you go for clicking your pictures, you should actually think about the subject that you are going to present with your photos.

Take inspiration from masters

Not just in the case of photography, but in almost every sphere of life, if you want to learn something, you should learn it better from them who have passed the phase that you are in. This could be the easiest way of learning anything and not just photography. If you ask about photography, then you could really follow some of the legends that are associated with it. Now, the following does not mean copying them.

You just need to look at the way of their working and then you need to acquire various ideas from them. Always remember that they have already created legendary examples and that if you try to copy them, people would not want to see your work. Always try to add a personal touch to whatever you are doing. You might fail initially, but this is the only way that will crave your path to success.

So, these were the points that every photographer should have in his or her mind before starting their career.  If you look at the points, then some are applicable in all the fields. The technical things are required for becoming a good photographer, but along with that you need to love your profession and you should also have that learning spirit always within you. All these factors combined together could make you a good photographer.


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