Do you need an expensive camera to do still photography?


Do you need an expensive camera to do still photography?

If an experienced and popular photographer is asked this question, the answer is definitely going to be no. Actually, a myth has been created that those who are photographers are highly rich and photography could not be done without lots of investment. However, the truth is that there are a lot of tricks by which you could actually take amazing pictures and that really does not require an expensive camera. Following is the list of a few of them.

Focus on lenses rather than the camera

This is such a common thing, but a lot of cameramen who have just started their practice do not look at this point. We all know that the quality of a picture depends on the quality of the lens used. Now, here we are talking about the expensiveness of the camera. It is quite obvious that a lens would be really cheap than any camera. There are a few things that you could focus on while buying a lens for your camera and you will end up buying what is perfect for your camera and the quality of the picture you want to take. The most important area that you need to focus upon here is the aperture. The wider the aperture of the lens, the more flexible it would be.

Practice as much as you could

People, who say that the quality of the picture is not good, because they do not have that good camera with them, are actually complaining about nothing. There are a lot of technical things that actually need to be focused upon, rather than the expensive camera thing. The best thing that you could do to take your photography to a different level is practice. Yes, you read that right and isn’t it the key to learn every other thing in the world? Well, when you will practice more, you will learn each and every detail about the handling of the camera. You could get to know about the way in which the changes could be made or the things could be managed; if any mistake takes place while the shoot.

So, even if you have an expensive camera, but does not know how to take good pictures, it is of no use.

Buy used things

There could be two cases, in which you do not have the expensive camera with you. Either you have just started the photography business or you lack money. In both cases, this trick is the best. Go for the equipment that is in good condition, but is used before. If you know somebody who is into this and want to sell his or her used equipment, then you could simply go to them and could buy it. If not, then there are a lot of online sites that could be visited for the same. The price and condition in which the equipment is would be mentioned in its description. On the online sites also, you could actually contact directly to the seller.

Use all your photography skills

It is said that the photographers make the picture, which is actually true in every sense. You could have seen the picture of a lot of things that we never looked in a way it looked in the picture. So, it is the magic of a good photographer that he could make an ugly looking thing the most beautiful sight to see. Rather than focusing on an expensive camera, one should focus on developing photography skills. There are a lot of ways of doing so. You could follow them who are masters of this field. Read about their work and the take tips from there. Another good way to get a better picture is self-practice. Do a lot of experimentation in your work. What you have done might not look good in the first instance, but gradually you will learn.

Setup is also important

Along with all the important points that are written above, this too holds a very important place in making a still photograph good. The photography setup basically includes a tripod, tables, and lights. These are the basic things and needs to be perfect. With a great setup, you could actually create good photographs and if the setup is not good, even a good subject matter won’t turn out in a better way. So, rather than focusing upon an expensive camera, one should focus on the ways in which the setup should be done perfectly. If you are shooting outdoors, you should always go to places that have the perfect natural lighting and good space.

Wait for that perfect chance

Well, the stunning photos are not just the result of the camera and its lenses. A photographer’s mind plays the greatest role in the production of the best of pictures. You could either create situations at your own or could wait for it to arrive. Now, the first thing that you need to do for this luck by chance is that you need to carry your camera and equipment, wherever you go. We all have heard about travel photographers.

The kind of photography that they do is just a category of still photography. They do not create situations; rather just wait for things to come in their way. For example, you could look at the shots that are taken at the time of sunrise, sunset, rainfall, snowfall and other such natural processes. To capture these moments, you just need to be at the right place at the right time and you really do not need an expensive camera for it.

So, these were all the reasons that prove that if you want to be a photographer and want to opt for still photography, you really do not need an expensive camera. You will get the exact idea behind it, once you go through all the points. One basic, yet the important point that should be there in everyone’s mind is that there is a difference between a good and an expensive camera.

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