Why Men Send Dick Pics


Why Men Send Dick Pics

We’re sure this is a question we’ve asked ourselves at least once in our lives. Many people have received and sent these kinds of images, but the real question is — why? The answers are countless because it depends on the person doing it.

Whether you’re wondering why people do this or want validation that you’re not the only one doing it, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over all you need to know about the topic of dick pics. What do women think about it, do they do something similar too, and does it happen in the LGBT community are all the questions we have an answer to.

So, let’s find out why this happens once and for all!

What Do Women Think About Men Sending Dick Pics?

Sending nude pictures, specifically dick pics, is one thing, but receiving them is a whole different story.

Women everywhere are, unfortunately, exposed to these kinds of photos, no matter the social media platform. That’s especially the case with dating apps. So, how does it feel to receive a picture of a stranger’s junk at random? Many women say it’s weird and sometimes even traumatizing.

Nobody likes getting unsolicited dick pics. Women generally have no idea why men do this. They consider this kind of behavior inappropriate. It’s what sets the tone for the remainder of the conversation (or lack thereof).

Snapping a photo of your junk definitely isn’t how you get a woman’s attention. That’s why you should keep any kind of explicitness to yourself unless you both agree on sending nude photos. When it comes to things like this, consent is the most important. Consider other people’s feelings, as well.

Women Like Sending Nudes Too

Yes, men aren’t alone. Women like sending nudes too. Although, there’s a vast difference in how women approach sending their sexy naked pictures.

Having a woman slide in your DMs with a random nude is all but common. Consider them the unicorns of the modern era. Meaning the chances of this happening to you are close to not existing. On the other hand, that can be possible depending on a lot of things.

Women who enjoy sending nudes will wait for you to ask them for some spicy pictures first. Even then, that’s a risky thing to do because there’s a 50/50 chance of her blocking you for good. If a woman finds you charming and appealing, chances of getting nudes are much higher. So, try to get on her right side before asking to see her naked body.

Why Do Men Like Sending Dick Pics?

Now, this is a subject we can talk about forever. The thing is, there’s no universal answer that applies to all men who send dick pics. Each of them has different reasons for doing it.

The internet era has opened many doors for us, some of them being potentially dangerous and intrusive. One of the things everyone enjoys is being anonymous to other people. People think that this anonymity grants you all the consent in the world, but that could not be further from the truth.

So, there are several things to think about when answering this question. Most men who admit to sending dick pics report that they’re just desperate for validation. Men’s insecurities are often overlooked because that’s the society we live in. Still, that doesn’t mean they feel good about themselves at all times. To conclude, one of the big reasons behind this behavior is insecurity.

Many of them say that they’re just trying to spice up the conversation that has gone sour. We’ll agree that this isn’t the best way to do it. It seems that not all of us know how to engage in a decent conversation. Sometimes this tactic works, which can, unfortunately, make the guy think the same tactic will always work.

Last but not least, some men are just looking for any kind of reaction. These are the kind that will RKO you out of nowhere with a dick pic. They don’t consider this flashing, because it’s not like they’re taking their pants off in real life, right? Right? Women would disagree because it certainly feels that way.

Men’s mating behavior is definitely bold in an anonymous environment, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s Not the Same With Gay Guys

Sending dick pics is definitely different in the LGBT community, especially when it comes to gay guys.

Not all gay men are overly sexual, but unfortunately, that stereotype follows them around wherever they go. Again, especially on dating apps (like Grindr). Sending and receiving dick pics isn’t a problem at all in the gay community. Actually, it’s quite common.

They have their own reasons for being okay with this behavior. Some just want to see what they’re dealing with and show others what they can expect. However, gay men can also have a problem with unsolicited dick pics. Just because they’re gay doesn’t mean that others can drop their naked body in their private messages. It’s just wrong.

Surprisingly, a lot of straight men send pictures of their junk to gay men thinking it’s okay. Sure, the gays might be into the same sex, but that doesn’t mean they’ll readily accept every single penis sent to them. Keep that in mind.


There’s no single answer to why men do this. In short, there should be no reason for you to force people to meet your private parts without their consent.

If you find that this is something you cannot stop doing, maybe try asking for consent first. Sure, that can result in either a positive or a negative answer. Still, at least you’re not putting someone through something they don’t want to experience.

Exposing yourself to random strangers can become a real problem if you become obsessed with it. That’s why you should see if going to therapy can be a good option. That doesn’t mean there’s something very wrong with you. It just means you need to work on yourself a bit, which will help in the long run.

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