The most instagrammed places in the world


The most instagrammed places in the world

Pretty much everyone loves to travel, right? It’s what you say to people when they ask you about your hobbies (oh, I love to travel and see new places) or put in your Tinder bio.

Traveling is a great way to experience new things, meet new people, and get a photo op of a lifetime. Now, thanks to the global pandemic, we haven’t really been able to travel abroad that much, which left some of us itching for that high and excitement that comes with the adventure of traveling.

Lucky for us, we can still see new places and maybe even experience different cultures — remotely! Yes, indeed, your Instagram feed can take you to places where you’ve never been before. Sure, it’s not the same, but it’s the best we can do at this time.

However, not all places are Instagram-worthy locations. Some, like the Eiffel tower, are famous photo spots (and thus Instagrammed spots) that everyone knows about. But do you know which Instagram-worthy spots rank the highest? If you don’t want to scroll through your Insta feed, check out our list below.

Space Needle — Seattle, Washington

The Space Needle is not only the most popular tourist spot in Washington but also the hottest photo location in the state. The views from this iconic 1962 building are breathtaking, even when the famous Seattle weather turns on you.

However, it’s not just the view from above that attracts all Instagram users to this landmark. You’ll see plenty of pics from people who made it their mission to take the most Instagram-worthy photo and found their way to Kerry Park. With the Space Needle in the front and the entire Seattle in the background, with just the glimpse of the peaks of Mt. Rainer, Seattle offers an opportunity for the perfect Insta shot.

The Great Wall — China


Considering that it has a total length of over 13 thousand miles, it’s no wonder that the Great Wall of China is one of the most Instagrammable places in the world. It’s a place that exudes history and makes you think of times past.

The hilly terrain and the luscious greenery are in perfect juxtaposition with the grey stones of the Wall, which makes for a great photo all on its own. However, the Wall is usually chock-full of tourists, so taking that perfect shot takes skill and endurance. But, boy, it’s worth the trouble!

Alhambra — Granada, Spain

Although most people think of Barcelona or Madrid when they think of Spain, the Alhambra fortress is actually more Instagrammed. Although some might say that’s debatable, the gem of Granada, the Alhambra fortress, sits on top of a rocky hill and is embraced by the River Darro, which makes it the perfect photo location.

However, it’s something else that makes the tourists flock to it with cameras at the ready. Alhambra was named after the reddish tone of its walls, and those pop beautifully in photos.

Yellowstone National Park — Wyoming

Because we’re so focused on urban areas, we often forget just how vast the USA is. What’s more, it also slips our mind that it’s full of untouched, luscious nature. One such spot is the famous Yellowstone.

Although the park is breathtaking on its own, photography lovers go straight for the hot springs. The clear, deep blues and greens of the springs that shimmer and sparkle make for excellent photo background.

Christ the Redeemer — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The most famous Brazillian landmark is the Christ the Redeemer statue that towers over the largest Brazillian city. With arms spread wide open, ready to embrace everyone in his flock, and 38 meters in height, the statue is a sight to behold.

Even from afar, this work of art is awe-inspiring. It pops up in many Instagram pics simply because you can’t escape it (why would you even want to?). But the best shots are made by those who aren’t afraid to hike all the way to Christ’s feet and bask in all his magnificence.

Giza Pyramids — Cairo, Egypt

Many people find it surprising that the Giza pyramids are so close to the urban hub of Egypt. In Insta pics, they look as if they are frozen in time in the middle of the desert. In reality, they are pretty close and easy to get to.

Although climbing the pyramids is strictly forbidden, shots of them taken with drones flood the Insta feed every day. The view from both above and below is breathtaking. Their size and sheer presence make you question your own importance, size, and existence.

Rocky Mountains — Colorado

The Rocky Mountains are one of nature’s most wondrous creations. They stretch over 3,000 miles and six different states. However, the most famous (and Instagrammed) views are those from the Colorado soil. Home to a supervolcano, the Rocky Mountains will make you bow down to nature’s might.

Empire State Building — New York City

Of course, no list of most Instagrammed places would be complete without a New Your city landmark. Once the tallest one in existence, the Empire State Building takes everyone’s breath away as it towers over the Manhattan skyline. It’s actually funny to think that the entire project (from blueprints to the finished building) only took 20 months in total!

Colosseum — Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome, and all Instagram-happy photographers end up in front of the Colosseum. There’s a good reason for that. With more than 2,000 years of history, the monumental roman building is a sight to behold. It took the effort (and lives) of more than 10,000 slaves in order for Colosseum to stand proud.

Its elegant arches make for ideal Instagram photo backgrounds, which is why you’ll find this famous amphitheater all over your feed.

Burj Khalifa — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Although Dubai doesn’t have many history-rich landmarks, it is the epitome of luxury and decadence. That’s precisely why many photographers find themselves in Dubai, capturing the modern beauty of opulence with their lenses.

Burj Khalifa is, of course, one of the most Instagrammed locations in Dubai. The world’s tallest building that also houses the world’s longest single running elevator (that’s also one of the fastest in the world) is a gift that keeps giving (at least when it comes to taking pictures).

Disneyland — California

Finally, we close our list with the happiest place in the world — Disneyland. Did you know that, back in the day, the admissions ticket was only $1?

Boy, have things changed since 1955. Today, you’ll have to spend much more in order to party with the Disney crowd. However, it will undoubtedly be worth it because, well, where else could you take so many stunning photos for your feed?

A few parting words

While we’re waiting for the entire world to settle down and get back to normal, we can travel on social media. Sure, looking at pics of San Francisco isn’t the same as actually being there, but it’s better than nothing!

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