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Why Men Send Dick Pics

We’re sure this is a question we’ve asked ourselves at least once in our lives. Many people have received and sent these kinds of images, but the real question is — why? The answers are countless because it depends on the person doing it. Whether you’re wondering why people do this or want validation that […]


Mobile Photography 101

With the emergence of social media sites such as Instagram, more and more people showed an interest in amateur photography. And since it’s somewhat blasphemous not to have a smartphone these days, capturing eye-catching panoramas and selfies became everyday activities. Sure enough, everyone can take a photo, but how do you make the most of […]


What are the sex problems that vibrators solve?

It’s fairly common for most people to associate sex with pleasure. But interestingly enough, it’s not always the case. Some people have rather negative experiences with intercourse. The reasons could stem from psychological problems. They could also range from unfortunate experiences to actual sexual health conditions that make intercourse practically impossible. Both men and women […]


What is still photography?

Still life is a renowned genre in both art photography and painting. Since cameras came a bit later, it’s quite okay to say this style of capturing objects has its origins in brushes and paintings. Coming into full fruition in the 16th century, even if the style was present since medieval times, it’s still going […]

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