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What are the sex problems that vibrators solve?

It’s fairly common for most people to associate sex with pleasure. But interestingly enough, it’s not always the case. Some people have rather negative experiences with intercourse. The reasons could stem from psychological problems. They could also range from unfortunate experiences to actual sexual health conditions that make intercourse practically impossible. Both men and women […]


What is still photography?

Still life is a renowned genre in both art photography and painting. Since cameras came a bit later, it’s quite okay to say this style of capturing objects has its origins in brushes and paintings. Coming into full fruition in the 16th century, even if the style was present since medieval times, it’s still going […]


Reasons Why Still Photography Is Better

In a day and age where Instagram rules the world, a certain photography genre is thriving, a style revolving around capturing inanimate objects — still life photography. It’s a common way of depicting various subjects, but we argue that it found its home in product placement and advertisement. Moreover, still-life photography is entirely about capturing […]


Sex Toy Photography 101

If you were searching for a new way to decorate your room or merely take photos of adult silicone toys, sex toy photography might be a perfect thing for you. More and more people are experimenting with still life art form but with adult elements instead of fruits and such. And the results can be […]


How To Make Sex Toys Pop Up On Pictures?

With those early blurry pictures of the late 19th-century, the art world changed, allowing a new member inside of its exclusive club. In a time of frequent technological advancements and innovations, a certain piece of equipment sparked quite a stir. Besides electricity beating steam and paving the way for the modern world, the camera affected […]

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